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At Tidewater Medical Transport we understand the challenges when in need of affordable Ambulance Transport.  With the economical changes between having medical insurance coverage or not, it is inevitable that we work together as a team in order to survive the financial challenges brought forth in an ever-changing economy.



  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

    • Medicaid Brokerages:

      • Logisticare

      • Southeast Trans

      • National Med Trans

      • MTM

      • Veyo

      • Virginia Premier

  • Tricare

  • Anthem Blue Cross / Blue Shield

  • Cigna

  • Optima ​​​


* If your insurance isn't listed, then let us know.  We will contact them and request to be added as a provider to save you money.





We offer payment plans to accommodate almost any budget.  Our billing staff works hard to lower your out of pocket expense by verifying deductibles, co-pays, and charges that may or may not be covered by your insurance company.


We understand the challenges of finding affordable insurance.  Let our resourceful billing staff guide you to find economical insurance providers.


In the event you are uninsured or insurance will not cover ambulance fees, then we will make every effort to schedule a payment plan.


Contact our office at (757) 399-0999 and speak to a representative for available options.  




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*All major credit cards accepted*


Pay to the order of:

Tidewater Medical Transport, INC.





Tidewater Medical Transport, INC. 

2503 Woodrow Street, Suite 8

Portsmouth, VA 23707

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