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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is an essential component of health-care services in the United States.  While much attention has focused on the emergency transport of acute and critical care patients, a large percentage of patient transports require non-emergency transport.


This involves the transportation of patients from home, rehabilitation facilities, assisted living, or long-term nursing care facilities to doctors appointments, cancer treatment centers, hospitals, rehabilitation services, or other outpatient services.  As our population ages, eventually, most of us will need some form of healthcare to maintain our quality of life. 


When it comes to healthcare, there is no "one size fits all" approach.  To provide the best experience and quality care for our customers, we start working for you the minute our dispatch department receives your transport request.  Our call taker will ask a series of questions to identify any unforeseen factors to help prevent delays for our patients, your loved ones.  Information provided, such as pets, steps, or any special considerations, will assist for a means of efficient transport.

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 A BLS level transport is for patients who require services such as blood pressure monitoring, heart rate, oxygen administration, first aid and treatment of shock, and other interventions, as needed. 



An ALS level transport is for patients who require care beyond the scope of a BLS level transport.  In addition to BLS level transport, these patients may require cardiac monitoring, IV medication administration and monitoring, ACLS interventions (i.e., cardioversion, manual defibrillation, pacing), tracheostomy suctioning, and other advanced interventions, as needed. 



Specialty care transportation goes beyond the scope of a BLS level and ALS level transport.  These transports may require IV medication administration and monitoring, ventilator support/airway monitoring, and other advanced intervention, as needed.  These critically ill or injured patients receive the best possible care from a facility to a higher level of care. Infants, Pediatrics, Strokes, requiring medical care in other states. Flight crew transfers to specialty facilities.  Ballon Pump Therapy



Tidewater Medical Transport provides onsite medical support for any special event from military / government training events, air shows, school events, concerts, marathons, fundraisers, carnivals, or sporting events.  Our fully equipped and trained teams are there in the event of a sudden illness or injury.



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